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Our IPF-approved products

Our IPF-approved products

!What is IPF-approved?

If you are a fitness enthusiast or an athlete, you may have come across the term "IPF Approved" in relation to weightlifting and powerlifting gear. In this article, we will explain what IPF approval means and why it is significant. We are proud to inform you that Iron Bull Strength offers a wide range of IPF-approved products, including our 100mm 4-inch wide lever belt, premium 7mm knee sleeves, pro 10mm 4-inch wide double prong belt, and more. Read on to learn more about IPF approval and how it ensures the quality and reliability of our products.

Understanding IPF Approval:

IPF stands for the International Powerlifting Federation, which is the leading governing body for the sport of powerlifting. The IPF sets strict standards and regulations to maintain fairness and safety during competitions. To ensure the equipment used in IPF-sanctioned events meets these standards, the IPF has established an approval process.

When a product is labeled as "IPF Approved," it means that it has undergone rigorous testing and evaluation to meet the IPF's specifications and guidelines. These specifications cover various aspects, such as dimensions, materials, construction, and performance. IPF approval indicates that the product adheres to the highest standards of quality and is suitable for use in IPF-sanctioned competitions.

Which belt is IPF Approved?

We offer a range of IPF-approved belts that meet the stringent requirements set by the International Powerlifting Federation. These belts provide excellent support, stability, and durability for powerlifting athletes. Here are our IPF-approved belt options:

  1. Pro 10mm 4-inch Lever Belt.
  2. Unleash 10mm 4-inch Lever Belt.
  3. Unleash 13mm 4-inch Lever Belt.
  4. Unleash 10mm 3-inch Lever Belt.
  5. Pro 10mm 4-inch Double Prong Belt.
  6. Premium 10mm 3-inch Lever Belt.
  7. Premium 10mm 4-inch Lever Belt.
  8. Premium 13mm 4-inch Lever Belt.
  9. Premium 10mm 4-inch Single Prong Belt.
  10. Premium 13mm 4-inch Single Prong Belt.
  11. 10mm Double Prong Power Belt.
  12. Unleash 7mm Leather Lifting Belt.

Which knee sleeve is IPF Approved?

For athletes looking for reliable knee support during powerlifting sessions, we offer IPF-approved knee sleeves. These knee sleeves provide compression, stability, and protection. Here are our IPF-approved knee sleeve options:

  1. Premium 7mm Knee Sleeves.

IPF Approved Knee Wraps:

Our IPF-approved knee wraps offer enhanced support and stability for powerlifting exercises. These knee wraps meet the IPF's strict standards and are designed to withstand intense workouts. Here are our IPF-approved knee wrap options:

IPF-Approved Wrist Wraps: For added wrist support during heavy lifts, our IPF-approved wrist wraps are designed to provide stability and protection. These wrist wraps have undergone testing to meet the IPF's standards. Here are our IPF-approved wrist wrap options:

International powerlifting federation standards.

IPF approval is a significant recognition in the world of powerlifting, indicating that a product meets the strict standards set by the International Powerlifting Federation. At Iron Bull Strength, we are proud to offer a wide range of IPF-approved products, including belts and knee sleeves. These products have undergone thorough testing and evaluation to ensure their quality, durability, and compliance with IPF standards.

To explore our IPF-approved belts and knee sleeves and make a confident purchase, please visit the respective product pages linked above. We are committed to providing you with top-notch equipment that supports your performance and helps you achieve your powerlifting goals.

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