Fractional Plates

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What are fractional plates?

Our fractional plates, also known as change plates, are expertly crafted from solid steel for unmatched durability, designed for lifters who prioritize precision in their weight training.

These plates are rubber-coated, offering enhanced functionality while protecting both your gym equipment and flooring.

With a color-coding system, identifying and selecting the desired weights becomes quick and efficient, ensuring your training session remains focused and uninterrupted.

Ideal for those seeking gradual progression in strength training, our fractional plates allow for precise weight adjustments, essential for fine-tuning techniques and targeting specific muscle groups.

Micro plates are essential for lifters focused on improving their performance with precise weight increments, blending durability, practicality, and an intuitive design. This combination establishes them as a fundamental element for accuracy in strength training.

What are the benefits or using fractional plates?

Several advantages come with using fractional weight plates, including:

The body quickly adapts to varying weights and stresses, especially when lifting weights.

Using fractional weight plates can be a great way to gradually increase the weight you lift. This can help challenge your muscles and prevent them from adapting too quickly.

By making small adjustments to the resistance using change plates, such as 5lb plates or even 1.25 lb plates, you can sustain your progress and avoid hitting a plateau.

This can be especially beneficial if you've been struggling to increase the amount of weight you lift.

Breaking through these plateaus with the help of change plates, including 1.25 lb plates to 10 lbs change plates, can help you develop mental resilience and give you a sense of accomplishment each time you make even a small improvement.


Fractional or change plates offer a scientifically grounded method to enhance strength gains in weightlifting.

These fractional weight plates facilitate a more gradual progression in resistance training by allowing for more minor weight adjustments, typically ranging from 0.25 to 2.5 pounds plates and up to 10lb plates.

This gradual increase in weight during strength training, called progressive overload, is a well-known method for developing strength.

Progressive overload means that the body gradually adapts to increasing demands over time by making small increases, such as adding just 2.5 pounds of weight.

Research has shown that this incremental approach leads to more sustained and consistent strength gains compared to more significant jumps in weight.


For those pursuing hypertrophy goals, using micro weights plates is a must-have as they allow for even smaller and more gradual increases in weight, ensuring consistent progression in muscle growth.

Gradually increasing the weight, even in small increments, is crucial for challenging and continuously overloading the muscle fibers, which encourages hypertrophy.

Fractional plates, such as the 1.25 lb weight plates, offer a simple and effective way to fine-tune the volume of weight lifted during hypertrophy training.

By gradually increasing the weight, lifters can find the sweet spot between weight, reps, and sets for maximum size gains.

Training Precision

Weightlifting change plates offer training personalization, enabling individuals to adjust their workout intensity to align with their unique physical capabilities and fitness objectives.

This high degree of customization ensures that each training session is not only effective but also maximally efficient, specifically to the user's goals, whether they are focused on strength, endurance, or hypertrophy.

By allowing for incremental weight adjustments, change plates set facilitate a training approach that can be finely tuned to individual progress rates, making every workout a tailored experience.

Our range of change plates and fractional plates provide you with fine control over the weight you lift during your workout.

Safety & Injury Prevention

Using fractional plates significantly enhances workout safety and reduces the risk of injury.

By enabling weight increments as small as 0.25 lbs, these plates allow for gradual progression that respects the body's natural adaptation rate, minimizing the strain on muscles, joints, and ligaments. 

This careful, incremental approach helps prevent the common injuries associated with sudden increases in weight, ensuring a safer training environment. 

It encourages a more mindful and sustainable progression strategy, where the focus is on long-term health and fitness rather than immediate, potentially risky gains. 

The use of 1 lb plates, for example, demonstrates a commitment to a balanced and health-oriented training philosophy, prioritizing the well-being of the individual while still promoting steady progress toward their fitness goals.