Medicine Balls

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What is a medicine ball?

Medicine balls, also known as exercise balls, heavy medicine balls or heavy balls, are weighted balls used to enhance physical conditioning for all types of fitness goals. They are used for strength training, power development, rehabilitation, and more. These exercise fitness balls are available in various sizes and weights to accommodate various exercises and user levels.

Made from durable materials such as leather, rubber, or synthetic fabrics, each type of medicine ball serves a specific purpose in a workout regimen.

Heavy ball, the heavier counterpart within the medicine ball category, aims to amplify workout intensity for advanced strength and power training. These balls push the boundaries of muscular endurance and development.

Wall balls are another variant optimized for exercises involving throws against a wall. Encased in soft yet rigid materials, they are intended for safe, high-impact workouts that boost cardiovascular endurance, muscle power, and coordination.

Slam balls are designed for dynamic throwing movements to the ground or against sturdy surfaces. Made from rigid, often rubberized materials that prevent bouncing back and target full-body engagement with a focus on core, shoulder, and arm strength.

Whether for rehabilitation, conditioning, or intense strength training, medicine balls and their variations offer a broad spectrum of exercise possibilities.