Barbell clips

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What is a barbell clip?

Barbell clips, also known as barbell clamps, barbell collars, and many other names, are accessories used in weightlifting to secure weight plates onto a barbell.

Barbell clamps prevent the plates from sliding off the bar during exercises, ensuring safety and stability.

These lockable bar clips come in various designs but typically have a circular clamp or clip that tightens around the barbell sleeve.

Some common types include spring collars, locking collars, and screw collars.

Spring collars have a spring-loaded mechanism that expands and contracts to grip the bar. Locking collars feature a latch or clip that secures the collar in place.

Screw collars have a threaded design that allows them to be tightened onto the bar.

They are commonly made from durable materials like steel, aluminum, or high-strength plastic to withstand the rigors of weightlifting.