Premium Knee Wraps
Premium Knee Wraps
Premium Knee Wraps
Premium Knee Wraps
Premium Knee Wraps

Premium Knee Wraps

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Elite Support

Our premium knee wraps are meticulously crafted for the discerning athlete who demands nothing but the finest in performance and quality.

Produced from premium A-grade material, our wraps utilize a stiff and durable nylon elastic blend designed to provide superior knee and leg stability during your most demanding lifts.

Experience the unrivaled support of our 2m or 2.5m, 3" wide knee wraps, designed to offer superior knee stability during your most challenging workouts.

The 2m length is approved for powerlifting competitions by the most prominent powerlifting organizations; the IPF and USAPL. The 2m and 2.5m are also approved by the USPA and IPL federations.

Don't settle for anything less than the finest.

Order yours today and experience the epitome of weightlifting comfort and performance.

Level 3 Compression

We use a nylon/elastic blend with level 3 compression that delivers a high level of compression, providing unparalleled support and strength to the wrist during intense lifting sessions.

IPF Approved

The wraps are not just for the gym - they're ready for the big stage. The 2m wraps are fully certified for powerlifting meets, including those governed by the IPF and USAPL, and the 2.5m length wraps are certified for the IPF, USAPL, USPA, and the IPL.


The innovative Hook & Loop technology has been designed to only adhere to the soft part of the hook, preventing gripping and damaging the main fabric. This unique design not only ensures durability but also significantly prolongs the lifespan of your wrist wraps, keeping them in top shape for more lifting sessions.


Material Nylon/Elastic
Compression Level 3
Length 2m (78in) / 2.5m (98in)
Width 3in
Closure Hook & Loop
Sold in Pairs Sold in Pairs

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