Lifting Hooks

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Power Lifting Hooks

Our lifting hooks are designed to provide maximum grip and support for heavy lifting exercises such as deadlifts, rows, and pull-ups.

The ergonomic design of the hooks allows for a comfortable and secure grip, for better form during lifts and extending your set past regular grip failure.

They also feature a thick 8mm neoprene wrist support pad reducing any pressure points to your wrists.

They are fully adjustable with a hook & loop closure system ensuring that they stay in place during even the most intense lifts.

With their durability, comfort, and versatility, these hooks are a must-have for any serious strength athlete.

Ergonomic Design

The rubber-coated steel hooks allow for a perfect fit with any standard barbell and give you unlimited gripping power.


The hooks are designed to withstand 500+lbs while remaining comfortable for the wrists through a 5mm thick neoprene wrist pad.


Not only do the hooks improve your deadlift game, but they also allow for a wider range of exercises to be performed, such as pull-ups, rows, shrugs. and more,