Unleash 7mm Leather Lifting Belt

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Robust Strength Belt

The 7mm leather lifting belt offers a strong but flexible consistent back support through every lift.

It features premium A-Grade leather, a 4" to 2" unpadded tapered design, and a double-prong roller buckle system for maximum support.

This belt has a pre-broken and raw feel making it perfect for every lift with minimum interference, and superior stability perfect for Olympic lifting. 

Our 7mm unleash lifting belt is certified for IPF, USPA, USAPL, &IPL powerlifting competitions, and USAW & IWF weightlifting competitions.

Don't delay, shop now! Unleash your power and watch your strength reach new heights!

Premium A-Grade Leather

This 4" leather lifting belt features single cut, genuine A-Grade leather with proprietary manufacturing techniques, delivering the single best, wrinkle-free, high gloss leather belt on the market.

Anatomical Fit

The 4” to 2" tapered design stabilizes your back and abs during heavy lifting, increasing core stability and maintaining proper posture. The 7mm thickness provides the best strength and flexibility for optimal support under heavy loads.

Double Prong Roller Buckle

The double roller steel buckle prongs are precision made with a black coating for a greater look and are unmatched in strength and durability. We even added double stitching all over the belt for extra durability.