10mm Double Prong Power Belt - IPF Approved

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Forever Support

The 10mm double prong power belt has been designed specifically for serious strength training athletes looking for maximum support on power lifts.

The heavy-duty build ensures that your core remains stable, strong, and safe under the heaviest loads.

This belt is overbuilt to support you as you progress in your training and will last you a lifetime.

Experience unmatched support, stability, and comfort, empowering you to push your limits and break through plateaus.

Order yours today and take your lifting to new heights!

Quality Leather Construction

The 10mm double prong power belt is handcrafted from one solid thickness of the finest, select leather providing superior support for all your heavy lifts.

Competition Legal

Our 10mm power belt is approved in all powerlifting federations, mainly IPF, USA Powerlifting, USPA and IPL. Break new PR's in confidence with Iron Bull Strength.

Double Prong Roller Buckle

This power belt features a sturdy double-prong roller buckle system making it easy to put on and adjust. We added 10 set of prong holes with a closer pattern for a more precise fit.