WOD 11/22/23


  • Foam roller upper back / lats 45/45sec
  • Foam roller upper back with body bar pullovers
  • ×7 (hold 3sec back)
  • Gemini thoracic 1 min
  • Ant Cap stretch 30/30sec
  • Adductor stretch 20/20/20/side
  • Wrist stretch 20/20/20sec
  • Lacross ball on elevator scapula 30sec/30sec
  • Soft ball on calfs 1 min/1 min
  • Soft Ball Q.L. 30sec/30sec


  • -HS Hold 20sec
  • B&H extension "Rock" on floor X15
  • Seated elastic external hips rotators 3XBurn, rest 5sec b/t
  • Elastic monster walk 10/10/10/10
  • Bottom pistol stretch 10/10sec
  • D.L. ramp up to first bar.

A. D.L. 7-6-5-4-3-2-1 (70-75-80-85-90-?-?), rest 1-2min

B. Amrap 7 min:

  • 3 ring dips (elastic)
  • 3 strict hsp (ab mat)
  • 7cals ski erg

Take 1 min rest

C. Amrap 5min:

  • 3/3 alt pistols supported
  • 10 VUPS
  • 7kb sw 16/12kg

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