WOD 11/20/23


  • Adductor triangle 15/15/15/side
  • Hamstring stretch on box 30/30
  • Gemini thoracic 1min
  • Foam roller upper back while holding bar full extension in jerk grip 3X10sec hold, rest 5sec b/t stretches)
  • Soft Ball Q.L. 30/30sec
  • Squat Bottom stretch 20sec
  • Wrist stretch 20/20/20


  • 10X B&H extension on floor (hold 5sec up)
  • 10X scapula elevation depression
  • 10X Strict Press
  • Calfs extension 3 poses 10-10-10
  • D.L. ramp up to first bar

A. D.L. X5 EMOM 3 @ 70%

REST 2min

B. D.L. X3 EMOM 3 @80%.

REST 2min

C. D.L. 1-1-1 (84-88-92%).

REST 2min

D. 3 rounds:

  • Strict Press 7-5-3-1 (60-70-80-90%), rest 30sec
  • OHS X10 @75/55 (From the ground), rest 30sec
  • CTB X5, rest min

E. 3 rounds for time :

15 cals Row

30 DU

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