CrossFit Games 2024: A New Era of Inclusivity and Competition Unveiled

In a flurry of groundbreaking announcements, CrossFit welcomes a new era for the 2024 CrossFit Games season. The Games are now set to call Fort Worth, Texas, and the Dickie's Arena their new home, while introducing transformative changes that promise to redefine the CrossFit Games experience for athletes and fans.

Age Group and Adaptive Division Revamp

One of the most significant developments in this change is the reimagining of Age Group and Adaptive divisions. CrossFit HQ has overhauled the end-of-season competitions for these divisions, creating two separate events to celebrate their unique talents.

The path for Age Group Divisions remains consistent, starting with the CrossFit Open, advancing through the Quarterfinals and Semifinals, and concluding at their respective championships: the Pit Teen Throwdown for teens and the Legends Championship for masters.

For Adaptive athletes, an exciting transformation awaits as the WheelWOD Games, in collaboration with CrossFit, takes the helm of the full competitive season. This partnership ensures that every Adaptive division is recognized, emphasizing CrossFit's commitment to inclusivity and acknowledging the remarkable abilities of these athletes.

Dave Castro, General Manager of Sport and Education at CrossFit, highlights the significance of these changes: "We believe this is a move that will benefit each division in significant ways, most importantly more than doubling qualifying spots for masters and teens and allowing every adaptive division a place at the in-person championship." He further emphasizes, "It’s the right thing to do to reward each group with their own distinct championship event and expand our overall championship season."

These changes come at a crucial juncture, acknowledging the substantial presence of masters, teens, and adaptive athletes within the CrossFit community and their vital role in driving the sport's growth.

Over time, the CrossFit Games have evolved, with age groups and adaptive divisions competing during the first part of the week, while individual and team athletes took the spotlight over the weekend. This shift addresses concerns about divergence in competition schedules, providing a more balanced and focused experience for athletes in each division.

A Platform for Smaller Competitions

This transition may raise questions within the CrossFit community, especially among athletes aiming to compete in divisions outside the elite individual or team categories. However, this change creates an opportunity for unaffiliated competitions to thrive as premier venues for competitive, age division, and adaptive athletes on a worldwide level.

Beyond these significant shifts, the CrossFit community's call for increased video coverage for divisions outside of individual and team categories underscores the importance of focusing the spotlight on these divisions.

These changes pave the way for a future where CrossFit continues to inspire and empower athletes of all ages and abilities worldwide.