Weight Storage Pins

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Easy Storage Solution

Upgrade your power rack or squat rack setup with our weight storage pins. These pins provide an efficient and organized solution to store your Olympic weights plates, keeping your workout area clutter-free and safe.

They are expertly built from 1.9" diameter tubing and reinforced with 1/4" steel plates, ensuring maximum strength and durability.

Accentuated with anodized aluminum caps, these storage pins not only provide optimal efficiency in plate storage but also bestow a sleek aesthetic to your rack,

The powder-coating finish ensures your storage pins stay in excellent condition, even under heavy usage and in varying conditions.

Whether you're a home gym enthusiast or a professional trainer, these pins offer the reliability you need.

    Space Efficient

    Their compact yet sturdy design enables you to store your weight plates directly on your rack, effectively maximizing your floor space. They are compatible with any 2" Olympic plates.

    Quality Construction

    Our weight storage pins are precision laser-cut, delivering clean, accurate dimensions for a perfect fit on your power rack. The solid 1.9" diameter tubing and the 1/4" steel plates offer a strong and sturdy solution for your weight storage needs.

    Stylish Design

    Available in both 8" and 12" lengths, these pins cater to diverse storage needs. The anodized aluminum caps add a sleek, professional touch to the pins, making them a stylish addition to your fitness setup.


    Material 1/4in Laser-Cut Steel
    Diameter; 1.9in Steel Tubing Diameter; 1.9in Steel Tubing
    Height 8in
    Width 3in
    Caps Anodized Aluminum
    Finish Powder Coat
    Length 8in or 12in
    Holes 5/8in
    Hardware Included Hardware Included
    Sold in Pairs Sold in Pairs