BP Plates (LB)

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Premium Bumper Plates

Our black plates are the perfect bumpers to withstand the toughest of your trainings.

The design of these plates is sleek and stylish, with a glossy finish that gives them a premium look and feel.

They have been designed to withstand tens of thousands of drops for maximum durability.

Order yours today and take your weightlifting game to the next level!


Our Black Bumper Plates sport a captivating contrast of black with white raised Iron Bull Strength lettering, delivering not just style but also extreme durability. The low bounce feature ensures the barbell stays within control when dropped.


These plates are designed with steel center inserts and an extra-thick 10lb plate for maximum durability. Remarkably, our plates have been factory-tested to withstand over 10,000 drops from an 8-foot height, ensuring their endurance in any gym environment.


These bumper plates are ideal for a wide range of exercises, from Olympic weightlifting to cross-training and HIIT workouts. They accommodate common exercises where dropping the barbell from overhead or shoulder height is necessary, but are equally effective for powerlifting.