Advanced Barbell Pad with Velcro

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Lift more, pain free

Lift heavier on squats, lunges, and hip thrusts with superior comfort and better form. Our extra thick barbell pad protects your neck during squats and hip bones during thrusters.

Our advanced barbell pad provides exceptional cushioning for your neck during squats and protects your hip bones during hip thrusts.

Our velcro wrap design ensures a rapid and secure installation, preventing the pad from coming loose on smaller barbells, offering both convenience and reliability.

Order now and lift more weight with impeccable form while enjoying a pain-free workout!


Quick-Slip design ensures effortless, swift, and secure attachment to any barbell, enhanced with Velcro for added stability on the bar.

Ergonomic design

Designed for comfort and support, this ergonomic barbell pad includes a handy handle for easy carrying and quick barbell adjustments, enhancing workout safety and efficiency.

Extra Thick Foam

The bar pad distributes the load evenly across your hips and shoulders, allowing you to securely lift heavier pain-free. The anti-slip finish increases grip on the shoulders and hips during workouts.


Core Material High-density foam rubber
Cover Material Polyester
Closure Velcro
Length 17in
Width 3.5in
Thickness 1.25in
Weight 0.6 lb