Advanced Dip Belt
Advanced Dip Belt
Advanced Dip Belt
Advanced Dip Belt
Advanced Dip Belt

Advanced Dip Belt

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Personalized Intensity

The advanced dip belt allows you to easily add weight to your bodyweight exercises such as dips, pull-ups, squats, and more.

The hook and loop closure ensures an adjustable, secure, and comfortable fit, allowing you to focus on your workout without worrying about slippage, weight swings, or discomfort.

The three different D-Rings allow you to hang the weight in front of your body, in the back, from the side, with cable pulleys, plates, or dumbbells.

The heavy-duty build ensures that your core remains stable, strong, and safe under the heaviest loads.


The complete hook & loop buckle closure allows you to adjust it to your specific waist size preventing unnecessary weight swings.


The three different loops are precisely located to allow for countless exercises and choose the best center of mass for your exercise.

Heavy Duty

Made from high-quality nylon, the advanced dip belt is built to last and withstand the toughest workouts. It is rated for 225lb.

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