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How to wear my wrist wrap?

How to wear my wrist wrap?

How to wear wrist wraps:

Step1: Put on the wraps:

Start by holding one end of the wrist wrap in your hand. Position it under your wrist, with the velcro strap facing upwards and the thumb loop (if present) on the outside of your hand. Center the wrap along the length of your wrist.

Step2: Wrap the first loop:

Wrap the end of the wrap around your wrist, covering the area where you need the most support. Make sure to wrap it firmly but not excessively tight.

Step3: Repeat for additional loops:

If your wrist wraps have multiple loops, repeat the process by wrapping the additional loops around your wrist. Each loop should slightly overlap the previous one to provide additional support.

Step 4: Secure with velcro:

Once you complete your loop(s), fasten the velcro strap to secure the wrap in place. It should be snug but not uncomfortably tight, allowing for comfortable movement and support.

Step 5: Adjust for comfort:

After wrapping the desired number of loops, adjust the tightness of the wraps to your preference. They should feel snug and supportive without impeding circulation or causing discomfort.

Step 6: Test range of motion:

Move your wrist through its full range of motion to ensure the wraps allow for adequate flexibility while providing the desired support. They should enhance stability during exercises that stress the wrists, such as weightlifting or gymnastics.

Step 7: Use during workouts:

Wrist wraps are commonly worn during activities requiring wrist support or stability. Prior to engaging in exercises that stress the wrists, put on your wrist wraps and ensure they are properly adjusted for comfort and support.

Remember, wrist wraps are not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. If you have any pre-existing wrist conditions or injuries, it is recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before using wrist wraps or engaging in intense physical activities. Choose the size and fit that work best for you, providing the desired level of support and comfort during your workouts.

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