Safety Spotter Arms
Safety Spotter Arms
Safety Spotter Arms
Safety Spotter Arms

Safety Spotter Arms

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  • Sold in pair
  • 11-Gauge 3x3" Square Laser-Cut Steel
  • 0.25" Thick Laser Cut Plate
  • 24" Flat Portion
  • 2.5" Wide UHMW Protective Plate
  • 5/8" Safety Pin
  • Exclusive Black Matte Powder Coat
  • Made in North America
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Made in Canada with US and CAN Steel

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Base Specs

Weight Capacity 800+lb
Length 24"
Width 3"
Height 16"
Plate Thickness 0.25"
Frame 3" x 3" 11-Gauge Steel
Product Weight 60lb (Pair)
Protection 0.25" Thick UHMW Plate
Hardware 5/8" Safety Pin
Pin Size 5/8"
Compatibility Squat Stands & Racks
Price $240


Discover our safety spotter arms designed to withstand 800lb+ and bench press safely with peace of mind. A reliable set of spotting arms is like a home gym partner, always there to spot you on heavy sets. Wheter you try to break new PR's on bench presses, deadlifts or overhead presses, our safety spot arms are adjustable to any height requirement of any given exercise.

You can safely lay the bar without damaging your barbell or your rack, thanks to a 0.25" thick UHMW machined plate. Compatible with squat stands, squat racks, power racks or rigs!

We designed our adjustable spotter arms with a minimalist approach while keeping in mind the basic functionalities. Manufactured in Canada, the structure is robust, the workmanship is meticulous and the details are immaculate. You get the perfect blend of luxury and strength.

SS2-B Squat Rack


2 x Safety Spotter Arms
2 x Safety Pins


Heavy Duty Build All our racks accessories feature strong 3"x3", 11-gauge steel construction and laser cut holes for maximum precision. Our racks come with oversized 5/8" hardware and a quick-pin installation design for maximum portability.