EZ Curl Bar
EZ Curl Bar
EZ Curl Bar
EZ Curl Bar

EZ Curl Bar

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Joint-Friendly EZ Curl Bar

Our EZ-Curl Bar features a bent shaft designed to minimize joint strain, reducing stress on wrists and elbows during exercises.

With various grip positions, it allows for multiple arm-building exercises like different curl variations and skull crushers.

Weighing 30 lbs and measuring 47" long, this compact bar is not rackable in your typical power rack.

The hard chrome shaft and sleeves finish offer high levels of corrosion resistance and a sleek mirror finish.

Its medium-depth volcano-style knurling ensures a secure grip without causing excessive wear on your hands during high-rep sessions.

The sleeves are assembled with high-precision ball bearings delivering consistent rotation and durability.

Order now and save your joints from unnecessary strains!

Grip Variety

With multiple grip options available, you won't have to worry about wrist strain. Using both narrow and wide grips, you'll be able to perform a wide range of arm-building exercises to target biceps and triceps effectively.

Compact Design

Compared to our Rackable EZ Curl Bar, this bar is notably shorter making it ideal for commercial gyms and home gyms with limited space.

Superior Finish

Our hard chrome finish sets the standard for excellence in surface treatment, combining durability, elegance , and grip feel.

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