Weight Loss Equipment to Increase Workout Intensity and Fat Burning

Power up your weight loss journey:

How long have you been struggling to lose those last 10 pounds?

Are you on a mission to get toned or shredded, and you’re on a strict timeline?

Want to build confidence and motivation by seeing a dramatic physical transformation in less time?

There’s no denying that diet and exercise are the two central pillars of a healthy physique. Regardless if you want bigger muscles or a smaller waist, your diet and workout program need to be on point.

With that said, you can always speed up your timeline by using the proper weight loss equipment.

Let’s take a look at the best weight loss equipment and how each piece of gear can support caloric expenditure and fat burning.

Know Where You Want to Go

Before we discuss the best pieces of weight loss gear, it’s important for you to know where you want to go. What is your fitness goal?

  • You want to lose weight, but how much weight?
  • Do you also want to build solid lean muscle at the same time?
  • Why do you want to lose weight?
  • What is your motivation?

Establishing the variables of how much and why is going to be your foundation. If you ever have a bad day, you can stand on this foundation, dust yourself off, and try again. It’s a step-by-step guide to figuring out what you want to achieve and how to do it.

Best Weight Loss Equipment

With your weight loss goals established, you can pick and choose the equipment that will help you reach your goals faster. Here are the best pieces of weight loss equipment to rev up workout intensity and burn fat.

Thermogenic Belt

thermogenic belt, also known as a waist trimmer belt, safely increases the internal temperature of wherever it is placed. Usually wrapped around the waist, the thermogenic belt helps to increase blood flow.

Fatty tissue has notoriously poor blood flow. By increasing the circulation through this tissue, you can promote fat oxidation.

The waist trimmer belt can be used while sitting around your house or doing everyday chores. But the real results come from when you combine the belt with your workouts. This dramatically increases the amount of fat burning that is happening during and for hours after your workout.

Resistance Bands

Thanks to the coronavirus, resistance bands started to get the attention they deserved. These pieces of durable rubber make for one hell of a workout.

When you buy a set of resistance bands, you’ll find several in different colors. The colors refer to the amount of resistance they provide.

There’s no denying that you can get a great burn from a pair of dumbbells, but resistance bands are arguably better at priming your muscles for that pump and burn feeling.

Resistance bands allow you to adjust the resistance in the middle of the exercise. If you are trying to complete drop sets, for example, you can perform one set to failure, slightly lengthen the band, perform another set to failure, and so on until you have achieve complete muscle fatigue.

As a result, you’ll get far better blood flow and promote better caloric expenditure and long-term fat burning.

Hip Resistance Band

Continuing with the point above, you can purchase resistance bands that are ideal for hip-based exercises.

Your hips are essential for total body movement. You can’t stand, sit, or twist without healthy hip muscles. If you want to strengthen your hip muscles while toning your legs and butt, we recommend going with a hip resistance band.

Adding a hip resistance band to everyday exercises like the squat or lunge can quickly increase the difficulty level.

Battle Ropes

Battle ropes are exactly what they sound like: a long piece of durable rope. What many people don’t realize is that battle ropes are specially designed for workouts.

Depending on your goals, you can choose from a variety of ropes that are weighted differently. They are also tougher than ordinary rope as they have a protective coating on them.

A staple in CrossFit workouts, battle ropes are ideal for sculpting your shoulders and arms while helping you develop a strong core.

When you incorporate lower body exercises and plyometrics, you have yourself a total-body workout that supports fat loss.

Blood Flow Restriction Bands

Blood flow restriction bands are a relatively new craze among bodybuilders and those who want to increase muscle strength. However, they are also effective for helping with weight loss.

BFR bands are worn either at the top of the arm, just below the lateral deltoid, or at the upper thigh where your butt meets your hamstring.

You perform the same exercises you normally would, but with BFR bands, you only have to use a fraction of your normal resistance.

The focus is on the intensity of the workout. It won’t take much before you start to feel the same type of burn you would by using drops sets with resistance bands. Now imagine how intense the workout would be by combining resistance bands with blood flow restriction bands.

BFR bands significantly intensify a workout. Best of all, they ensure a low-impact workout, keeping your knees and ankles safe. This makes them ideal for overweight individuals who can’t put too much strain on connective tissue.

What Weight Loss Equipment Do You Use?

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