Shred belt over man's waist abs
Women shred belt features Iron bull strength
thermogenic waist trimmer features Iron Bull Strength
Thermo belt technology features
Shred belt over man's waist abs
Women shred belt features Iron bull strength
thermogenic waist trimmer features Iron Bull Strength
Thermo belt technology features

The Shred Belt - Thermogenic Waist Trimmer

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  • Waist Trimmer Belt Promotes Weight Loss to Abdominal Area by Increasing Blood Flow To Stubborn Fat Cells.
  • Integrated Thermogenic Action Technology Increasing Abdominal Heat and Circulation by up to 15 times
  • Double-Velcro, Secure-Closure providing Fast, Easy, Light-Weight and Comfortable Fit.
  • The Only Waist Trimmer Belt with ThermoShred Technology You Can Feel Working Within Minutes Only
  • 5 Available Sizes

The World’s First Thermogenic-Action Waist Trimmer
The Shred Belt is the result of an extensive scientific review on targeted weight loss. After years of research and trial, we have developed the first and only waist trimmer that you can actually feel working and help you burn more belly fat while exercising.

The Problem with Stubborn Belly Fat
Lyle McDonald, famous author of the book Body Recomposition says: ”Poor blood flow has two consequences of importance here. First and foremost, it means that blood borne hormones can’t get to the fat cells. Second, poor blood flow makes it harder to get mobilized fat away from the fat cell so that it can be burned elsewhere.”

Dr. Lowery, author and expert in weight loss, says: “Blood flow is the most crucial factor when it comes to burning stubborn belly fat and science shows us there’s a way to target and burn more belly fat.”

Basically, belly fat has poor blood flow and the body is unable to reach fat cells and burn them as energy.

You can even test it yourself. You may have noticed that fat in areas like the lower belly, lower back and thighs are slightly colder to the touch than fat in other areas of your body like the arms or chest. This is simply because there’s less blood flowing through the areas.

Less blood flow = fewer catecholamines reach the fat cells = even slower fat loss.

How it Works
We have developed the most powerful waist trimmer on the market that is shown to increase blood flow by up to 15 times to the abdominal area.

By wearing the Shred Belt, you allow your body to reach the fat cells in your midsection and increase your fat burning capabilities by as much as 300% by driving much more catecholamines to the fat cells

The Bottom Line
The belt has worked for thousands of people and science backs it up.

This is not the typical waist trimmer available on the market. It is not meant to make you “sweat” and simply lose water from your waist.

The Shred Belt is a completely safe yet extremely effective fat burning tool that will help you burn more belly fat faster.

Give it a shot. Your lower belly fat and love handles won't stand a chance.

Please refer to the sizing chart by clicking on "Size Guide" above to select the correct size. DO NOT ORDER PANTS SIZE.

Fit Guide

Measure around the area the belt will be worn without any shirt (NOT pants, waist size). Pull tape tight for best measurement.

- Small: 25-29" 
- Medium: 30-35" 
- Large: 36-42"
- X-Large: 43-50"
- XX-Large: 51-58"

Additional Gear Information

Eligible for express shipping?  Yes
Material  Thermogenic material: High Quality Neoprene
 Contour: Heavy-duty Nylon
 Closure: VELCRO®
  • Increase blood flow to abdominal area
  • Locally burn fat
  • Maximize results of workouts
  • Wearable under your shirt
Available sizes  S to XXL
Dimensions  25-58"
Weight  0.70 to 0.91 lbs
Warranty Type  3 Years Warranty