10-lb black bumper plate
10-lb black bumper plate front view
15-lb gray bumper plate
15-lb gray bumper plate front view
25-lb green bumper plate
25-lb green bumper plate front view
35-lb yellow bumper plate
35-lb yellow bumper plate front view
45-lb blue bumper plate
45-lb blue bumper plate front view
55-lb red bumper plate
55-lb red bumper plate front view
all 6 bumper plates styles side by side

Training Bumper Plates

Regular price $25.00

  • Sold in Pairs only (Priced individually, can only be added to cart by increments of 2)
  • Bumper Plates Diameter Regulated to IWF standards (450mm)
  • Collar Opening 50.4mm (1.98")
  • High Durability Stainless Steel Inserts
  • Quality Virgin Rubber with Matte Finish
  • Color Coded
  • Minimal Bounce
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Fast Shipping Country-wide

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One Year Warranty

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Iron Bull Strength Training Bumper Plates - LB

Iron Bull Strength's Training Bumper Plates are highly durable, aesthetically pleasing and regulated to IWF standards. We use high-quality rubber polymer to achieve dead bounce and maximum durability. Paired with stainless steel inserts, our collar opening will fit any Olympic Barbell. Our selection of bumper plates range from 10lb up to 55lb.

Minimal Bounce

Our bumper plates boast an ideal durometer hardness delivering a consistent dead blow with minimal bounce found in competition weightlifting bumpers. Lesser bounce will give your barbell a longer life span, a more predictable bar travel and safer workouts.

Color Coded Bumper Plates

Keep your plates organized and select the plates you need completely hassle free. Our weight plates are compact, allowing you to lift as much as 555 lbs (510 lbs in plates on a 45 lb bar), and our high-quality design means you can drop them when necessary without worrying about damaging your gear.

Training Bumper Plates Specs

  • Material
    • Virgin Rubber
  • Inserts
    • Stainless Steel
  • Diameter
    • 450mm (17.72")
  • Collar Opening
    • 50.4mm (1.98")


  • Plate Width
    • 10lb (Black) : 0.75"
    • 15lb (Grey) : 1.0"
    • 25lb (Green) : 1.6875"
    • 35lb (Yellow) : 2.25"
    • 45lb (Blue) : 2.75"
    • 55lb (Red) : 3.25"
  • Weight Tolerance
    • +/- 1% of claimed weight
  • Plate Type
    • Multipurpose