Pair of high quality silicon squat wedges used as platforms for heels during squats
Weight lifter using squat wedges to better his technique during back squat
Weight lifter using silicon squat wedges for a better deadlift form

Squat Wedges

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  • Instantly Correct Your Squat Form by Elevating your Heels
  • Independant Wedges (Comes in a Pair)
  • 15 Degree Incline
  • Up to 2 inches of Heel Elevation
  • Indentations for Accurate Foot Placement
  • Anti-Slip, Gripping Surface
  • High Quality, Super Dense Rubber Polymer
  • 8" Long by 5" Wide, 1.1 lb Each
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One Year Warranty

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Squat Wedges - Instantly Improve Squat Form

Our squat wedges instantly improve squat form by reducing the effect of poor mobility and flexibility at the ankle, knee and hip. Elevating the heels during squats allow greater muscle recruitment, reduces stress on your lower back, increases squat depth and reduces risks of injury by keeping your posture more upright under load!

Perfectly Designed

Our squat wedges are independent, one for each foot, so you can place them the way you want (feet straight, outwards, inwards, wide or narrow stance). After extensive research and trials, a 15 degree incline was found to be the perfect angle for the feet to maximize squat depth, comfort and performance. Grooves on the wedges mark a 1” or 2” heel elevation to select the best lift you need for your posture.

High Density, Anti-Slip Polymer

Our squat wedges are made from high-quality rubber polymer, offering a super grippy surface and high adherence to prevent slippage, and a very high density preventing compression under load. They will withstand thousands of pounds without compressing and will literally last you a lifetime.

Squat Wedges Specs

  • Material
    • Rubber Polymer
  • Density
    • Very High
  • Weight Capacity
    • 1,000+lb
  • Angle
    • 15° Incline
  • Length
    • 8"


  • Width
    • 5"
  • Height
    • 2"
  • Heel Lift
    • Up to 2"
  • Weight
    • 1.1 lb per Wedge
  • Usage
    • Squats, Stiff-Leg Deadlifts