Iron Bull Strength Shred Belt v2, new generation of thermogenic waist trimmer also called a sweat belt
Shred Belt V2
Shred Belt V2
Shred Belt V2

Shred Belt V2

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  • Integrated Thermogenic Technology
  • Increase Blood Flow to Adipose Tissue by up to 15X
  • 360° Complete Waist Targeting
  • Up to 10" Wide Coverage
  • Can Burn Up To 3X More Belly Fat
  • High Quality, Elastic Material
  • Patented Shred Wrap Technology
  • Instant Results From The Very First Use
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Fast Shipping Country-wide

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One Year Warranty

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The All New, Redesigned Shred Belt V2

Our all new heating waist trainer has been entirely redesigned from the popular Shred Belt while improving the innovative and highly effective ThermoShred technology! A new and improved thermowrap with full 360° coverage around the waist, wider wrap coverage (8”-10” wide depending on size), new heavy duty and super elastic neoprene with high end hook & loop Velcro closure.

Problem with Stubborn Fat

Studies have shown that stubborn fat is hard to lose because of lack of blood flow. In order for fat to be burned, fat needs to be released from the cell, transported through the blood stream and get burned as energy. Without proper blood flow, fat loss will be greatly impacted and slowed down.

Our Solution

The Shred Belt creates a powerful thermogenic effect which penetrates the skin, heats up adipose tissue locally increasing blood flow by up to 1,500%. The surge in blood flow to the fat cells will allow your body to reach, extract and mobilize the stubborn fat. Combined effects of heat and exercise thanks to our new Thermowrap technology can increase fat burning capacity by up to 300% without changing anything else to your routine.

Shred Belt V2 Specs

  • Material
    • Elastic Neoprene
  • Closing System
    • Velcro
    • Width
    • 8" (S-M)
    • 9" (L)
    • 10" (XL-XXL)
  • Technology
    • Infrared


  • Belt Length
    • Small : 35"
    • Medium : 41"
    • Large : 46"
    • X-Large : 51"
    • XX-Large : 60"
  • Lifespan
    • +/- 1.5 years
  • Usage
    • Weight Loss